This is the first Ezine article that I am writing in about 15 years, and looking back, the world has changed so dramatically – generally, and my own, that my outlook, priorities and couldn’t be more different than I could ever even have imagined.

Nearly 14 years ago I stumbled upon online freelancing and by default became a transcriber. Long story short, I entered the world of television and film, having first transcribed focus groups, telephone calls, clandestine interviews in noisy restaurants, and more ghastly stuff than I care to remember.

My entry into film and television changed everything, starting as a lowly transcriber, climbing my way to running one of the most successful television and film transcription businesses in the UK. I don’t own it, I just run it. Just running it means orchestrating approximately 70 transcribers and around 500 clients. Within a year and a half I admitted defeat with serious burnout and had to cut down to half days only, giving me a great deal of free time to explore the changes that have happened in the past 15 years.

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